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Placements Processing Working the Account
We believe in simplicity.

Our fax machine is on 24 hours a day.

We take collection assignments by fax, mail, or in the case of a large number of accounts, we have online placement programs. We offer real time access of your accounts through the internet.


All accounts are processed into the system the same day they are received.

The required notice goes out to the debtor the same day.

We have trained agents that will list your accounts or devise a system for you to refer them to us without taking up much of your time.

Our Agency is staffed by experts in the field of collection. All personal have had prior experience with other collection companies.

Our collectors are knowledgeable and collection work is done by telephone, working the information obtained by our staff, or leads furnished by you.

We work the account until payment is effected or the status of the item is brought to a conclusion.

Our procedures lead to prompt liquidation.

National Bond and Collection Agency rule
Balance in Full Doubtful Accounts
Our goal is to collect the balance in full from the debtor.

On accounts we are unable to collect the balance in full, we arrange a payment plan designed to liquidate the balance in the shortest period of time.

We work an account thoroughly until we can make a decision whether or not the account is collectible.

This period of time usually takes 180 days from date of placement.

When an account is returned, we send you a status report advising you of the reason for no payment.

At that point, we give you the option to allow us to refer your account to one of our 1600 attorneys strategically placed throughout the country.

There is no charge if there is no collection.

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